Praise for Aleks “The Hebrew Hammer” Salkin’s online coaching, workshops, and programs:

 “I attended the Salkin Body Weight Workshop not really knowing what to expect.  I had never done any formal body weight training before, but absolutely loved the idea of it. I have always seen bodyweight / calisthenics as an incredible display of strength, coordination and dedication / focus. 

I learned so, so much!  From the very ground up, I learned how to perform the hollow correctly, and how this carries in to most practices in bodyweight.  My core strength since the workshop has improved out of sight doing this one simple (but not easy) exercise.  My squat and deadlift have improved from this carry over of core strength.

I was able to achieve

  • a 1-arm pushup
  • the back bridge from standing to standing
  • almost achieved a handstand pushup (still working on this one)
  • L-sit, a pull-up, and the L-sit pull-up,

and learned the progressions in the front and back levers.

The thing I loved the most was learning how to progress myself, (and my clients) through all the exercises. 

Bodyweight training is absolutely for everyone when you know how to safely and sensibly move through the progressions.  I have applied so much of what I learned into my everyday practice and have loved passing on the knowledge I gained to my clients.  We are starting a body weight strength class in our gym which I am so excited about.

Whether you are an athlete, coach, powerlifter, cardio bunny, kettlebell master, or have never done any kind of training before, I highly recommend Aleks’s workshop.

 His clear explanation and impressive demonstration of every movement creates a safe and fun environment where you will be blown away by what knowledge and practical application you gain.  This workshop will not disappoint. I can’t wait to do the next one!  Thank you Aleks.”

  • Sally Priest, Brisbane, Australia

I attended Aleks’s bodyweight strength workshop in February of 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia.  I knew Aleks from a previous Original Strength workshop and I wasn’t new to bodyweight training.  Even though I was able to do one-arm pushups, pistols, and pullups prior to this workshop, the way Aleks approached the learning process was new to me.

One of the two best things about this workshop was basics coverage.  I got a better understanding of body positioning to move stronger and safer. 

I attended the workshop with one shoulder hurting from a lot of pullups in an overstressed hollow position.  Since the workshop I was able to gain more control over my shoulder positioning and lose the pain.

Also, I use the drills and progressions with my students with great success.

The other great thing – and really a ‘what-the-hell’ experience – was my own progress with the bridge during just 15 minutes of Aleks’s instructions.  Thoracic mobility was always my weak spot and the bridge was one of those “maybe one day” exercises.  Well, not anymore!

I highly recommend this, or really ANY, workshop under Aleks’s supervision. He is a great teacher and the stuff he teaches is rock solid. It very well could be a game changer for you!

  • Jozef Vanko, Bratislava, Slovakia

Back in 2018 my training was on a slow burn.  I had started to get tendinitis in my elbows and my stubborn self had set a goal to achieve something few people ever have: a pullup with an extra 36 kg of weight strapped to me (in my case, a full 60% of my bodyweight). 

Things were looking grim, as not only would the weight not budge, but every time I did weighted pullups, my elbows would scream at me, forcing me to stick to bodyweight-only pullups.

I reached out to Aleks to ask if he’d be willing to take me on as a student, and shortly after things started to change dramatically.

He did a full-on deep dive into my training history, pinpointed my weaknesses and the gaps in my development, and using his knowledge of a variety of modalities and old-school training principles and practices, crafted together a program that not only smoothed out all of my rough spots, but ultimately got me to a downright EASY 36 kg pullup with NO elbow pain!  Best of all, he is encouraging, witty, and makes the process of training for such daunting goals exciting rather than borderline clinical.  Highly recommended!”

  • Frances Moylan, “The Iron Lady of Oz”, Perth, Australia 


“With Aleks’s help I reached my goals – one-arm pushups and pistol squats – faster than expected and can do several solid sets now.  This amazed me big time.

I am a tall guy (1.94 meters/6’3”) and physics really plays against me especially with those unilateral moves…I could not figure out how to get around it.

However, thanks to Aleks’s know-how I was able to master those challenging moves!”

  • Marc Braun, Germany

When I started working with Aleks I expected some occasional training tips cause I thought I had it all figured out with exercises, programming etc…plus, I don’t train kettlebells so I was mainly searching for ways to improve my BW training.

But very soon I realised that Aleks has an outstanding knowledge of physical fitness which does not rely upon one “tool” or the other. From Aleks I learnt not only how to vary my BW training but also how to structure and get most out of each training session.

Thanks to Aleks now I am able to perform physical feats (e.g. assisted one arm chins) that I could not imagine to be able to achieve at 38 years old. Only by sticking to his recommendations I could achieve this feat of strength.

Also, Aleks helped me putting together workouts that are customised to my Krav Maga practice which was enhanced by these kick ass workouts he put together for me. Aleks is a very patient, passionate, professional trainer who always understands the client individually and helps reaching his/her personal goals. I highly recommend Aleks for everyone in search of improving his/her physical fitness and lifestyle in general! 

  • Giovanni P., Munich, Germany


“I was embarking upon my StrongFirst SFG2 re-certification and needed to start training. I sought out Aleks on Instagram and contacted him to see if he would be willing to help me out. My first impression was very positive. He was prompt in his response and was helpful right off the bat. 

In the past, I was overtrained and injured by the time I got to certification weekend. I needed a new approach to my training. Aleks offered a way to achieve my goals. A simple program to follow to avoid burning myself out. He took into consideration how I live my life day to day, i.e. very active and a lot of use to my upper body. No other coaches have ever taken my every day activity into consideration when programming a training plan. I needed quick and effective sessions and to be able to do everything I needed to do in 3 sessions per week. Aleks was able to offer me just that, in a balanced, smart way.

Following Aleks’ templates, I passed my SFG2 re-certification with far more ease than any other certification. I was even given high praise by my Master instructor and teammates. If you’re looking for a coach to help you train smarter, not harder, Aleks is the guy! I highly recommend him to help you reach your goals.”

  • Shannon McNutt, Minnesota

“Hey Aleks! 

Just wanted to touch base and let you know I passed my recert with flying colors! First time I’ve ever shown up 100% ready to pass at the event. Feels good. So THANK YOU for all your help with the programming!!!” – Holea, Minnesota

The Bodyweight Mastery Course

In one word I would rate the Bodyweight Master Online Course – PHENOMENAL!

As a fellow strength coach, martial artist, and Original Strength instructor I know I am in good hands when I buy a program from Aleks. He has laid out a program that if anyone really puts in the work is going to get really strong.

The 7 day course covers the major calisthenic strength moves but in far more detail.

The progressions help with every sticking point I have seen as a coach and are explained with such intelligent steps to break your strength plateau. Details I have never seen in any other book and even at 2 day workshops on bodyweight training are here.


Each module has enough to keep you busy for a long time if you are a serious student of strength. Within minutes of reading and watching the videos that were linked I learned new ways to improve my form and technique which increases my strength! 

In the past week I have felt my core get stronger, pull ups get easier and LESS PAIN in my shoulders during pressing movements! This is in just days and I have not even gotten into the full details of each progression. I am going to be using this for a lifetime of not only training myself but also my clients who are interested in body weight training. “

  • Mike Moran, Tuscon, AZ


Good news: we had our first session on 14/11/2020 and I could do 10 push-ups with good form. I just went for a test and did 30! Really happy with that for 2-months of work. Getting close to hitting one of my goals, 50 push-ups!

Felix Niland

I did the exact resets we identified as working best for me, then after the crawl I added a backward crawl. 

Right after that, just for kicks, I went to the pullup bar – and to my surprised knocked out a perfect rep! Something about the exact resets you helped me identify + tossing in the backward crawl = magic. Amazing stuff. 

Thank you!


“The Flexible Steel Ankle Openers from Strongevity were a revelation. After performing just one set of each, I felt an immediate and significant increase in my hip and t-spine mobility, especially rotationally. And at my chiropractor appointment that evening, my doc commented that he had not felt my spine move so well in years. Another win from Aleks – thank you for helping to keep me young and strong!”

  • Stu Greenbaum

I’ve been loving the plan you put together. It fits in perfectly with my current training  and I’ve already seen some good progress. I’m able do a comfortable single with my hand on a yoga block which is a big jump from the chair I started with.

Also, the hammer drill you showed me to help rehab my golfers elbow was really helpful. My elbow feels a ton better and I was able to do my first pull ups in almost 6 weeks the other day. 

So much win.

Honestly dude, when it comes to coaching, that was hands down the best [money] I’ve ever spent.

Adam Blake


Hey Aleks,

Jan just needs to let you know his results after a short period of training wit you. Now he can do:

5 almost strict muscle ups!

11 pull ups (confident cleaner ones)

13 deep dips

First one arm push up on each arm!

6 pistol squats on each leg!

All that today on holiday without any special warm up.

He finds that totally great thanks you very much!

  • Marek Stransky


Hi Aleks,

Some good news-

I did 10 dips with the 24 kg bell attached. That’s a PR

I did 4 chinups with the 24kg bell attached. That’s a PR.

In both cases, I had a little more in the tank. 

I overhand deadlifted 345 which is the most weight I have and the most I’ve done since I can remember. An adult PR if you will. 

Body feels great except for my ankles. Deadbugs/Crawling/Loaded carries. Hanging.

I also think I did all of this with Covid – my wife just tested positive this weekend and we had family visit over the weekend who all tested positive when they got home… 

Interesting times. 

I’m planning to go into a handstand on Friday, so will keep you posted with the HSP process. 

  • Josh Boccheciamp

Hi Aleks,

Just got back from vacation in FL. I have to say thank you. This is really the first time in years that I’ve felt confident with my shirt off at the beach. Not that I was the most jacked guy at the beach, but I at least looked like a man who does front squats and handstands and that’s pretty damn good! 

[…]after my first son was born 5 years ago I definitely slipped into dad bod. And in the last 8 months we’ve been working together I feel and look the best since I can remember. My wife swears I’m the best looking I’ve ever been. 

I tack on your kb and bodyweight challenge to most strength workouts. I deadbug daily and do the os resets you taught me almost daily. 

I know you’re supposed to say that “I did all the work” or something like that but you coached me on what I need to work on and how to progress and I really cannot thank you enough. 

My dad was never comfortable enough to take his shirt off at the pool or beach. Always wearing a shirt and I always thought that was weird. I felt proud as a father to set a good example of health and fitness for my kids at the beach. 

  • Josh Boccheciamp

Somethings I’ve noticed through the first two weeks. All aches and pains in my body are basically gone. The upper body segmental role I think was magic at calming down my laps and the little muscles behind my armpits. Squat depth is at my all time best. My heels are only coming up a little on the air squat, and I’ve been squating with a dowl overhead. I’m sleeping sound on my back too with my arms overhead. I’ve noticed that I’ve been internally rotating my shoulders when I sleep, probably for years. All good things.

Hope you’re well,

Josh Boccheciamp

So dude, after doing the shoulder stretches you showed me (the one with your hand on the hip especially) I have a bigger range of motion without a doubt. Thank you! Also my hinges feel way better and I’m more confident that I will remain safe while training.

  • Peter Maimone


Just a little progress report.

I went to my normal chiropractic visit and for the first time in over 2 years, I did NOT need anything major; no adjustments to my lower back, No adjustments to my knees, No electric therapy on my right shoulder!  My chiropractor was very pleased and said whatever you are doing keep it up!

I just wanted to say thanks for your help and let you know progress is being made.

Kate Alward

since our consulting session in May about my right shoulder, I did rehab for over 12 weeks. I am now in my 4th week of Geoff Neupert “Easy muscle” which consist of about only clean and press and my shoulder is top notch! Doing 76 reps in 25 minutes this morning, no pain what so ever!

I do YTWL every morning still, rotator with resistance bands before clean&press sessions and shoulder stretch after. 

  • Francois Peloquin

Hi Aleks 

Happy New Year

I feel like I have made considerable progress with the basic moves.  

With my swing I feel my timing has improved for the hinge and I have been focusing on keeping tight which does not allow for scooping the bell ( I think). 

Although my clean is cleaned up ( so to speak) I am still inconsistent in the movement. I may be moving my elbow back too much and the timing for cleaning the bell sooner is a work in progress. 

I think the biggest difference is in the snatch. By adding a little more bend in the knees I can feel how much easier it is to snatch the bell. I have tried it with a heavier bell and it felt ok. I think ultimately I would like to snatch the 16 kg bell but for now the max is 14kg. I have been practicing with lighter bells too. 

I think my biggest problem with the TGU is a mental one because I fractured my wrist while doing those and that was in 2020. I put in the effort with physio and I feel like I have regained my range of motion in the affected wrist. 

The windmill feels different than before because I was not off loading the front leg. That in itself resulted in a big improvement. 

Just wanted to let you know how I was progressing. 


Frances van Den Enden

Aleks 🙂 Hope you’re well, my friend!

Now, at the risk of changing tone drastically lol, please answer honestly, and I promise I’ll repeat it to no-one, if that’s required by the US legal system :-p … I wonder if you could tell me, how much / how often, you treat “serious stuff”? Y’know: frozen shoulders… slipped discs… “surgery-level” stuff.

As you know, I’m an Eastern Medicine practitioner – i.e., acupuncturist and herbalist – and crawling, neck nods, YTWLs, and other methods/techniques I’ve learnt from you have become a mainstay in my practice.

I don’t say this lightly, and I hope my tone carries over email: the effectiveness of these drills cuts into my bottom line, and I mean that in a GREAT way! Once I’ve been able to reduce a patient’s level of inflammation to the point where regular, gentle movements are appropriate, RESETs and – if you’ll allow the term – other Salkinesque “move how your body is meant to move”-type drills pay fantastic dividends. Yesterday, I had a patient who doesn’t attend a gym buy her 15lb kitty litter one week ahead, so she’ll always have something on hand to do carries and rehab her shoulder.

For the good of my own clients, I’d love to hear more about what you’re working with, but either way, be proud of yourself today, my friend! Your hilarious, gripping emails, YT and social media posts are genuinely motivating, and having now prescribed OS RESETs to clients for over three years, I can honestly say that without you, I’d be a less effective health practitioner.

Felix Niland

Hi Aleks,

Quick update:

I’m loving the exercises you showed me. I’ve never done exercises specifically targeted at the upper back and the shoulder blade muscles. So although I only use my body weight or extremely light weights, my upper back still gets sore. The pain I experienced when doing pull-ups is dissipating, and after two weeks of hanging actively, I can now hang passively.

You know I created this spreadsheet that’s jam-packed with exercises and to be honest, in the beginning, I didn’t do them all—mostly for time reasons. I often skipped the hip bridges during the S&S warmup, the marching and crawling parts of your 9-Minute Challenge, and runs were few and far between. However, I’m doing more every day and I made sure to always do the exercises you showed me.

There’s one thing I have to confess, Aleks: Although you told me to not do any presses, I couldn’t resist. I had to see if I’m progressing and attempted to press the 24kg bell with my injured hand. And I pulled it off! Also, I did my first Turkish get-up with the 32kg bell since the injury.

I’m now convinced that my shoulder is largely healthy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to perform a get-up with 32kg. After all, during the TGU you put a shoulder through its full range of motion with a substantial weight.

  • Yannick Hallas

I should mention what I have not shared in the video. Pullups have always been a chagrin to me. I haven’t been using my back properly all this time, and I have consulted Aleks Salkin a few times and this is where I see the effects of that consultation changing the way my posture is and also how my shoulders work. It’s forcing me to bell down and build up once again. I didn’t notice it until recently but I have been standing more upright and my head is not leaning forward as much. Overall good stuff. Pointers from Aleks and also BACKtober definitely helped me along the way.

From being able to do total of 5-6 Chinups in a whole day, I am able to do 8 sets of 3 reps of Chinups. That’s a volume jump of 3 times. And I know that I have more in the tank. I am going to slowly add pull-ups into the mix and start doing one of the RoP progressions to build my pull-up strength. I probably won’t clear my SFB for pull-ups but I will get that done in the next 3-4 months.

  • Vikas Reddy

Well I tried to go back to some standard KB programming, you know, the single type movements repeated over and over? Yeah I made it one day. Aleks has got me so far over the last year working on variety and especially body weight movements that have gotten me feeling wonderful, supple, and strong and also I have already gotten my biggest backcountry ski year in (50,000 ft of climbing and still going) without pain and enough confidence and single leg work to attack a trail 1/2 marathon in June (13 miles and 3400ft of climbing) for which I am doing multiple runs per week from not much running only needing a little extra hip work to be pain free.

So I decided to start Swift and Strong. W1D1. Feels like I’m back on Crawladays except instead of doing spiderman crawls I am actually spiderman crawling on a wall! Let’s see where this leads!

Thanks Aleks Salkin! – Dr. Judson Corn

Hey Aleks, 

  Okay we’re down to one week left! Can’t believe it went that fast. I wanted to check in with you briefly for some feedback and to ask questions about the next steps. 

 First and foremost, thank you, and holy shit this did work really well. I definitely put on about 3-4 lb of noticable muscle, and overall feel stronger in the posterior chain as well as feeling the ‘linkage’ that I believe you were after with the crawls and carries. 

 Some comments: 

  Block 1: I just started doing barbell work again this week. With a disk injury 7 weeks ago and knee arthritis/torn meniscus, I felt NO pain squatting 2 x 5 with 95 lb. I know that’s a low weight and low volume but the fact that it was pain-free was noteworthy. I’m going to try deadlifts tonight. 

 Block 2: I fell in love with it in the latter part of the program. I’d actually love to keep the elevated pushups and seated rows because of how much I’m getting out of it. My hamstrings could probably use a few weeks off! My glutes are the biggest holy shit factor of all. I feel like my glutes get out of bed before the rest of me, and I keep asking my wife to feel my butt because the results are great. Remember the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”? This is like how Mark got his glutes back.

First I want to tell you that the addition of hip thrusts and the dumbell leg curls have done wonders for my left knee.  Almost all of the lingering pain from the quad injury I had in November is gone now.  I am very excited about this as I have done a lot to minimize the pain since the injury, but it kept coming back.  Those two movements are the only thing I really changed, and they have been a huge benefit.  Thanks

  • Hazen Alward


Hi Aleks!

How are you? I hope you are great! I am Gabriela, the Uruguayan who lives in Germany and is married to Marcus. Do you remember me?

We had a coaching session three weeks ago and I want to tell you about my process.

First of all I want to thank you very much for all your work. Although I am not familiar with everything you do, since Marcus is the one who trains according to your methodology, I must say that the OS RESET exercises had and continue to have a transformative effect on my body, mind and spirit. They have not only given me back physical mobility, but also the HOPE of regaining control of my body’s movements.

Approximately 2 months ago, I could not go down the stairs normally because my physical condition (Rheumatoid Arthritis) did not allow it. My knees and ankles hurt too much to bend. I also had no muscles in my legs because since I couldn’t practically bend my knees, it was difficult for me to exercise my leg muscles.

Movement in my shoulders was also very limited. I couldn’t fully raise my arms. So my husband, Marcus, told me to try the OS RESET exercises, obviously the ones I could.

At that time, I could only do dead back and neck nodding. Incredibly, after 1 week of practicing these exercises I started to walk better and raise my arms a little better too. After a month, my body asked me for more movement. It was as if an inner force had awakened in me and began to transform me.

That’s why we decided to have the coaching session with you and luckily you accepted! This is the third week since our session and every day I feel better. I must say that at the beginning it was challenging. Especially, the exercises with the arms, the upper body segmental roll and also the Command Crawling!

Off the record, the first week after doing these exercises I ended up crying! I think it was not only because my body began to rearrange itself, but possibly also because emotions encapsulated in those rigid and limited positions that I could do were released.

The first week I was able to do the exercises three days, the second four and this third week, five days in a row! I am happy because every day I see my progress. My legs begin to strengthen, my muscles begin to gain mass, my arms rise a little more every day.
Yes, I still have pain but it’s a pain from rearrangement!

So dear Aleks, thank you so much for this gift and ability that you share with all of us! I hope that many people can benefit like me from these wonderful and healing techniques that you share with the world. And I hope that many people with physical conditions know you and join your training and guide!

I send you a big hug!
We keep in touch!

Gabriela Peralta


Hello Aleks,

it’s now almost five months since I started working with your material…twice a day the resets and once or twice a day spicing them up with your challenges.The very first thing that occurred has been a strange joy, especially doing baby crawling and rolling. I imagined myself 57 years ago exploring for the first time… and that put that smile on my face…and that joy stayed and makes me ask for more, resulting in exercising right now during our vacation four to five times a day, playing and exploring from your material….harvesting all the benefits that I read about since I started from so many others, like significantly reducing old joint issues of shoulders, knees, back in just a few days, gaining strenght, muscle(as my wife comments telling me:-)and mobility…to feel that good over such a long period of time( and no end in sight) is remarkable! I tried a few bestselling methods in the past fifteen years and none comes even close to the results I get from doing what I learn from your material. Strange , that movements that working as a craftsman are causing trouble have a healing effect doing the resets. Like crawling and rocking improved my wrists and knees.

Mindblowing the one- legged rocking to the knees, Commando rocking to the shoulders, and the mighty dead bug to lower back and shoulder mobility. Neck nodding helped me to relax areas in my neck and shoulders I couldn’t consciously relax before… I could continue speaking of the slight changes in posture that make me walk with more balance, letting me grab things overhead without pain….

The result is confidence in my body again , that I don’t even know, that it had been steeling itself away a while ago. That gives me hope for the years to come. Thanks to you and what you put out into the world. Also thanks to strongevity. The question , what is my goal with exercising, what do I intend by working out really cleared my view of what I am doing. I cannot go to bed late and wanting to feel more energetic for example.

By the way , exploring the four straight arm exercises of SASS for just two days( all four each day) gave me a massive pump in my upper arms , shoulders and upper lats that I have to turn when I pass a doorframe 🙂

But the most amazing effects your material had on my wife…she wrote you yesterday…. But I tell you, for me it has been close to a miracle, seeing her climbing the stairs without help, or even going onto the floor on her knees for rocking and getting up without help… cause not long ago she could walk just a few steps at home and getting up from a chair was a big thing… we almost lost hope and thought that a wheelchair might be the future….

Aleks, may God bless your life , your family and friends and and all your ways in the world….

Have a very good life and thank you for your good work,

Marcus Tepper


Yesterday I ran my first 1/2 marathon, which happened to be on a trail and happened to have 3200ft (1000m) of climbing in it, so not your average race. I started working with Aleks a little over a year ago after getting bored and not seeing results with minimalist kettlebell programs for the previous 8 years or so. At first, all of those programs were great but then I slowly hit a plateau and jumped between minimalist programs but never got over that plateau. My goals have always been to feel good, move well, and play in the mountains that I love. I’ve never been able to build up to much running without being in constant pain, especially my ankle and right IT band/hip. I was able to revamp my backcountry skiing this year, and climbed over 60,000ft without pain. I was able to jump back into running PAIN FREE and just completed my first 1/2 marathon. You could say those goals are now being met! Thanks Aleks for all the great IC programming, challenges, and encouragement!

  • Judson Corn


Good Morning Aleks. I hope that this finds you well.

I wanted to let you know that progress is being made, and I am pretty happy with it.  I am almost at 2 sets of 5 with all of my Easy Strength movements that I am using this past round.  The accessory lifts that you have given me to do are making a difference in my knees and shoulders as you predicted.  I was able to take some beginners kayaking this past weekend, and spend almost 4 hours in my whitewater boat and paddle about 4 miles of flatwater, which is no mean feat in a whitewater boat that is not meant to go straight.  I was a bit sore Sunday, but was good to go for training on Monday.  This paddling trip was a great indicator for me that the path you have me on is a great one.  In the past a trip like that would have had me beat up for days. It just makes it better that the folks that I took boating are less than half my age, but suffered more physical discomfort. Trip two is planned for this weekend so at least it was not to much for them.

Hazen Alward


Hello Aleks.

Wanted to let you know that I am sneaking up the goals I have.  I was feeling good yesterday when I started training so I decided to warm up with moderate weight clean and jerks and snatches for a change from swings.  I figured I had probably done enough in the 90 degree head to be pretty much ready to go after work.  The 24 

Kg snatches felt so good I went for a set of 28kg snatches for 10.  That would not have been possible last year.  Now I was feeling curious so I thought I would try the 32kg for snatches, which I had never successfully done before.  The first one with my weak arm felt easy enough to continue so I knocked out 5 with each arm.  This is not something I could have done before, and I was just warming up so I did not push anywhere near max.  

I have intentionally not doing any near max training and hoping to just learn to trust the process.  This one session proved unquestionably that what we are doing is working.  Thank you for helping me plan out what I need to do and for helping me fill in my gaps.  I am very happy with how I am progressing

Hazen Alward


“Looking back at my notebook where I track my training, I started the template on 11-11-18……since then, I have gone from

  • 16kg to 18kg on my “medium” get-ups and from 18kg/20kg half get-ups to 22kg on the “heavy” ones.
  • Rows have all gone up. Light went from 10kg to 12kg, medium from 12kg to 14kg and heavy from 16kg to 18kg…..and those don’t even feel that heavy to be honest….  
  • Heavy goblet squats went from 24kg to 28kg in no time at all.
  • I have been doing medium-heavy single-arm swings at 22kg and double bell swings with 16kg bells, and snatches on the 3rd training day. Snatches are feeling like tossing around cotton balls with my snatch test bell after completing your snatch program with the 16kg bell….

I am LOVING the results of that!!… As far as my L2 skills, they are all feeling good….so I am feeling comfortable with where those are all at.

Overall, I am feeling strong, loose and UNINJURED!!! What a difference from past certs and events.” 

  • Shannon McNutt


 it’s going very well! The accessory work coupled with the deadlifts really is what the doctor ordered-now I’m adding the direct tricep and shoulder work you mentioned and going to extrapolate the concept to upper body work. Looking forward to the continued progress! 

  • Mark Manning


I wanted to let you know that the increased shoulder and back work you suggested is paying off.  Today I was able to lay 12inch concrete block with one hand again.  I has been at least a decade since my shoulders would allow me to do that and have no pain at the end of the day.   Thanks for the help in getting back to a place where I can set a physical example for the young guys on the job, and not just yammer on about what I could do when I was their age.

  • Hazen Alward


I decided on a whim to attempt a 40 kg clean  yesterday.  I have never cleaned a bell of that size before so when it went up on each side I was pretty happy.  I tried sets of 5 after that and succeeded.  After that I tried snatching it, and was successful on my left side.

I was unable to press it on either side, but it was pretty cool to find out I could go that heavy on a whim. 

  • Hazen Alward


 Hey Aleks, things are going really well. Deadlifts are coming along, I’m doing unilateral overhead press work for my shoulder injury (finally saw a PT for that) and still putting on muscle. I went to the doctor and my blood work came back fantastic. I have the testosterone of a healthy, non-obese male between the ages of 19 and 39, and my a1c has stabilized from 5.7 last year (pre-diabetic) to 5.5 (normal). All great news! Your advice has worked wonders. 

  • Mark Manning

There was a 24 Kg Kettle-bell at the gym in Miami and I included it in my Double Kbell presses .

16 Kg in Left and 24Kg in Right . (2,3,5) x 3 was surprisingly not too difficult for me . I know last year that 24Kg was hard to get over my head once.  So thanks for the great guidance !

  • Mitchell Goodman

Hey Aleks!

Wanted to give you a break-down of my progress so far. I started my muscle up journey after a consultation and plan with you on 11/13 to try and get a strict muscle up by 1/16 (turning 40). My baseline was 8 pullups and 10 dips at body weight. I had never done weighted pull ups or dips. I was able to meet my goal early on 1/4 based on your awesome plan. I gained some excellent strength in the process. Today, W8D3, I was able to knock out 4 single muscle ups (1r x4) which was pretty badass. Your plan pushed my limits, but I never had any injury concerns or needed to take a break besides COVID for a week, and extra recovery times due to lots of skiing and family. Oh and did I mention after our consultation session I’ve been able to do a nearly full back bridge? 

I’m going to switch plans for a few months of calisthenics base building, but I’m sure to come back when I want some help with future goals of handstand and HSPU.


Dr. Judson Corn

Progress Report!

Today while doing all the things, I tried a forward lunge and was able to do 2 each leg before I wobbled!!

The back step lunge is also good and getting better every time.

And my chiropractor said things look good enough I can move out to every 3 weeks instead of every 2!

Thanks for your help. 🙂