2X your strength, stamina, & resilience in just 9 Minutes a day with 1-2 kettlebells and your own bodyweight!

Internationally acclaimed leader in kettlebell and bodyweight strength and fitness reveals his Top Shelf, Grade A, 9-minute workout challenge for busy people looking to boost their strength, accelerate their stamina, and recapture their resilience. 

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Long story short, your 9 Minute Challenge is the best thing that ever happened to my body.

Strength gains + dysfunction repair = me kicking ass at martial arts. I've been tweaking it with variations of the crawl to keep progressing past the leopard crawl and I may never have to train an actual press movement again because when I play around with traditional pushing lifts I always get more reps than last time... I've always struggled with kyphotic posture and no amount of physio could fix it, but consistent [Original Strength] and [the 9 Minute Challenge] work has pretty much eliminated it.
Jason Berger
Doing the 9 min crawling challenge and blown away...I think I had no mind-muscle connection with my core muscles for a long time...I think this is why I kept getting injuries in the low back, hip and knees...thanks for the program!
Brenton Inglis
Only been a few days but just generally feeling better within myself. I feel more tied together and ready for whatever hits me!
Dan Green
“Aleks...I just wanted to give a shout out and thank you for the excellent [Inner Circle] routines. I completed a 50 mile trail race yesterday and feel that the routines over the past few months have really helped, parti

Just wanted to pass this feedback along about the 9 min KB BW challenge.

I am on my 5th trip through it.
I use it primarily as a warm up, sometimes as a finisher, and sometimes as a stand-alone workout (when I am under recovered or just super pressed for time). I get in at least 3, usually 4, and sometimes 5 days a week including it.

I am to the point where I can get through 3 min straight of just about anything except double overhead carries (at about 2:10 with 16 [kg kettlebells], farmer's carries with 32s [kg kettlebells] (about 2:15 when I push it), and can make 3 min of crawling but it smokes me.

I've now shared it with a dozen or so folks and the ones who "get it" have seen incredible benefits. Of course, there are those who never get it, but that's part of the deal.

Of note, the big thing I notice besides a massive (and positive) change in my abs is that I really feel more "tied together" and "ready" all the time.

At 40, this is really important.

Thanks for making it simple to integrate this really important work!

Mark Reinke
United States
I'm doing the 9 min challenge on top of Easy Strength as I've been traveling for work & living out of hotels the last few weeks while working 12 hour shifts plus any drive to the site. I can get the 9 minute challenge & Easy Strength done (9 min in the AM & Easy Strength in the PM) in less time than most people would take driving to & from their gym. For busy folks & especially those of us with kids training at home or wherever you find yourself is key!

Taking the kids to the park? Get some work in while they are playing & then play with them. I love packing a minimalist suspension trainer with me & travel with...at least two kettlebells. No excuses!
Larry Koziol
United States